Lazy Perfection

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Every woman wants to look like the best version of her selfnatural, radiant, and confident. But who has money to spend on dozens of untested products; the time to master complicated steps; or the inclination to sift through endless Youtube tutorials? Celebrated makeup artist Jenny Patinkin cuts through the confusion and clutter with her "lazy perfection" approach to beauty, replacing complex techniques and childish trends with a streamlined, sophisticated approach to makeup that works for busy women who have outgrown the styles of their twenties. In Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying Jenny offers a clear, uplifting path to finding the beauty routine that works for you, without the involved techniques or budget-busting products of other makeup artists. Guiding readers from their initial makeup drawer purge through setting beauty priorities and crafting a finished look, Jenny provides a comprehensive resource for women who want to know where and how to spend their limited time to achieve the results they want. Lazy Perfection gives real women the tools to look their best every day, with minimal effort and maximum impactthe ultimate gift to the self."